• one plan does not fit all.

    why Blue Shield?

    Heres why Blue Shield is one of the most trusted partners when it comes to affordable health insurance in California.

    • Health insurance plans designed to fit different budgets and lifestyles
    • Serving Californians for 80 years
    • PPO plans statewide that give you the freedom to choose from 52,000 doctors and 320+ hospitals in California
    • Trio HMO plans in select areas that offer access to a quality network of local doctors and hospitals
    • Health and wellness resources like NurseHelp 24/7℠, CVS Minute Clinic, Wellvolution℠ and more
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    healthcare basics

    If you are new to private healthcare coverage, you likely have questions. We can help. Learn the basics of how health insurance coverage works, how it benefits you, and how Blue Shield can help.

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    dental, vision, and life
    insurance coverage

    Good health includes your dental and vision health, too. Weve got you covered with a variety of dental and vision plans, as well as individual life insurance✝︎ and Accidental Death & Dismemberment coverage.

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